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Why Travel with Defined Destinations – Customization, Credibility, Cultural Connections and Experiences is our motto.

Traveling with Defined Destinations is more about exploring and experiencing the destination rather than just observing it.  When you travel with Defined Destinations you can feel rest assured we are taking the very best of the area and incorporating into one amazing travel experience.


Our tour experiences are not 'assembly line' tours like you will find with most tour operators - which means each and every tour is the same regardless of the month or the season.  We custom design and implement new experiences on all of our trips based on seasonal events and activities so that each tour has the fresh and new experience you are looking for


We have over 20 years of designing and guiding customized groups worldwide

Cultural Connections

We have close partners that are ‘experts’ in each of their destinations so you can be assured you have that authentic and cultural experience


Experiences are the true fiber to an amazing tour.  We will take you to some of the most amazing locations that often lead to organic and unforgettable experiences!


Do you have a group and need a customized itinerary?
Here are a few areas we have expertise in:

  • “Getting Beyond the Classic Sights” – Experiencing the classic sights is a must, and we incorporate much more than that.  We’ll visit local markets and festivals that are out of the ordinary and often not found in a guidebook.  We know the stories from your travels you bring home, will go beyond the classic sights.

  • “The Academic Encounter” – working with History professors at a local learning institution, Defined Destinations is customizing tours that visit key sites that align with the curriculum and professor’s expertise. 

  • “Book Groups – Bringing the Story to Life” – imagine touring the sites of your book club’s recent novel. Or, better yet, why not hold your next book club meetings and share some of the area’s best cuisine overlooking a postcard sunset? What’s your idea?

  • “Spiritual Journeys” – Europe is replete with sacred sites and birthplaces of many religious leaders. Imagine how powerful it would be to tour some of these sites with a spiritual expert that can reveal the power of the infinite for you in the actual places where key movements occurred. What’s your spiritual quest look like?

  • “Culinary” – With our local partners, we can create a fresh and delicious itinerary for you and your clients.  We can find those unique culinary experiences and bring it exclusively to you

  • “Wine and Beer Experience” – Explore the most amazing vineyards that Europe has to offer – is it a Riesling on the Rhine or maybe a Chianti Classico in Tuscany…your choice!  The history of Beer production has long roots in Europe.  Join us on a selection of itineraries that include medieval villages that offer local festivals all the way to the largest beer party of them all…the Oktoberfest in Munich.

  •  :Agriculture Experience"  - We experience local farms throughout the globe that give you insight on local culture that cannot be found anywhere else.

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