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Join Dan Barreiro and Justin Gaard as they take KFAN & The Bumper to Bumper show to Maui March 1 - 8, 2018!  

Seats are limited so book now and enjoy Live Broadcasts in Paradise!

Some of these photos were taken from our 2017 trip to Maui!
Not a beach person?  Maui is still a great choice as there is so much to do without laying on the beach!  
Want to listen to the whales?  Grab snorkel gear and go for a optional snorkeling tour where you can see an array of fish, turtles, dolphins and even whales (watch video above)!  
Enjoy scenic drives? Maui also offers world class driving experiences through a rainforest on the 'Road to Hana' where you will find numerous waterfalls, fantastic hiking and black and red sand beaches!
Want to feel like you are on the moon?  Head up to Haleakala National Park where you will find a lunar landscape that offers great hiking and an opportunity to see a stunning sunrise or sunset (elevation 10,000 ft).
Foodie?  Maui has numerous restaurants, food trucks and even farms where you will find local produce including unique fruits as well as fresh fish.  
Can I use airline points for the trip?  Yes, purchase the 'land only' and contact your airline to set up the flights!
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