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About the Founder, Michael Kenney:


Nearly 20 years ago I entered the world of destination travel. During that time, I led hundreds of tours throughout North America as well as 25 countries.  These groups ranged in size anywhere from the small intimate,to the large band/choir and festival groups of one hundred guests.  

In that time, I learned how to handle the unexpected and the minute details behind every twist and turn in adventures big and small. More importantly, I learned that I am EXTREMELY passionate about making sure my guests have the travel experience of a lifetime. It is with these years of passion that I launched Defined Destinations.

What I learned from my past experiences are that my guests are looking for more than just the ‘classic’ sites.  We explore authentic experiences that are both unique and exciting, and offer a truly amazing trip experience.  My partners and I strive to deliver these experiences through every destination our journey takes us. 

 Comparing Defined Destinations to other tour companies you will find that ours tours are unique and special with each departure we offer.  This may be from the boutique style hotels we lodge in to the specially designed walking tour, to that exclusive garden, foodie tour or museum you never thought you could get to.  We craft our tours with you, the destination and your experience in mind - and not based on the volume of travelers we take.  It’s our commitment to your experience is what has given us our niche and our growth.  An amazing travel EXPERIENCE is what we want you to come home with!

There is no better way to discover a new destination than through one of our numerous travel experiences.  

Traveling with Defined Destinations is always unique and exciting and sure to be a trip of a lifetime!

To book that dream tour, contact us at: or call 651.398.9358










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